BySmart Fiber: Smart access to laser technology – now with up to 10 kilowatts of laser power

BySmart Fiber: Smart access to laser technology – now with up to 10 kilowatts of laser power

January 2021

Leading technology, concentrated know-how, superior performance: The BySmart Fiber from Bystronic now offers even more outstanding cutting performance for a broad manufacturing spectrum. The compact fiber laser for a flying start, now also with a laser output up to 10 kilowatts.

Bystronic now also offers the BySmart Fiber laser cutting system with new laser output levels of 8 or 10 kilowatts, this on the BySmart Fiber 3015 and the BySmart Fiber 4020. Thanks to the increased power, BySmart Fiber users can now cut sheet metal even faster and with even higher precision. In the competition for cutting orders, this offers an ideal opportunity to stand out against competitors. Depending on the production spectrum and customer requirements, the BySmart Fiber is thus available with laser outputs of 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 kilowatts (in addition, the BySmart Fiber 3015 is also available with 2 kilowatts). The 8 kilowatt output level enables users to achieve a significant increase in cutting speed. For example, by up to 60 percent compared to a fiber laser with 6 kilowatts when cutting 3 millimeter stainless steel. The performance boost is even more significant with the 10 kilowatt laser. Here, the BySmart Fiber is up to 2.5 times faster when cutting 10 millimeter stainless steel. Across all stainless steel sheet thicknesses, the 8 kW laser increases the parts output by up to a factor of 2, the 10 kW laser by up to a factor of 2.5.

What is more, users achieve particularly high-quality cuts in material thicknesses up to 30 millimeters. And it opens up new possibilities for cutting jobs in thick materials where the finish of the cut parts plays an important role.

Automation for every order situation

For many users, automated laser cutting is a decisive success factor. Automation solutions for fiber laser cutting offer a key advantage: They increase the capacity utilization of the laser cutting system and reduce the user’s workload with regard to the time-consuming material handling. Both these factors mean that cutting jobs are performed faster and at lower cost.

Bystronic offers the Byloader, ByTrans, ByTrans Extended, and ByTrans Cross loading and unloading solutions as well as the BySort parts sorting system in both the 3015 and 4020 formats. In addition, third-party automation solutions can also be integrated. Depending on the order situation, the Bystronic systems organize the material flow fully and semi-automatically while also offering sufficient flexibility to process smaller orders manually whenever required.

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