First time at the “BLE.CH” for Bystronic

First time at the “BLE.CH” for Bystronic

March 2019

The new technology trade fair “BLE.CH” took place for the first time in Bern. Bystronic Sales AG participated, and presented the vision of the Smart Factory.

BLE.CH is the new technology trade fair for metal and steel processing in Switzerland. With over 100 exhibitors, it was held for the first time in Bern from March 5 to 7, 2019. Due to the pressures of competition and cost, many companies are ready to invest in future technologies, to change the setup of existing production systems, and to rethink their entire production chain.

BLE.CH is oriented towards sheet processing specialists from small and medium businesses, as well as from large companies. Therefore, Bystronic Sales AG was also represented at BLE.CH, where they presented the vision of the Smart Factory. Philipp Burgener, Managing Director of Bystronic Sales AG, explains in an interview why Bystronic was at BLE.CH.

Philipp Burgener, what topics has Bystronic brought to BLE.CH?

Philipp Burgener: “We are consciously concentrating on the vision of sheet processing. BLE.CH offers us the opportunity to exchange with current and potential customers on automation and the Smart Factory.”

What does that mean specifically for the trade fair booth?

Philipp Burgener: “The Bystronic booth shows the vision of the Smart Factory – all of the process steps, from programming in cutting and bending to automation and monitoring.”

What do you expect from the exchange with customers?

Philipp Burgener: “Through this exchange, we want to inspire customers to think about their production processes. In doing so, we hope that customers will consider the Smart Factory and inquire with us, as a solution provider, for support in this matter.”

Let’s take a look at the Swiss market. What do our customers require here?

Philipp Burgener: “The Swiss market requires company-specific automation solutions. That means flexible, automated productions. The cost pressure is very high. In other words, series production should already be possible starting with the first prototype.” 

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